About Me

Bonjour and Hallo.  My name is Karley Jones and I’m a rising Junior studying at Bowling Green State University.  I’m a boring business major but I particularly like the subjects of International Business and Human Resources.  I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio and for the past two years, Bowling Green has been my favorite place on earth.  Times are about to change.  I have been granted the amazing opportunity to study abroad at not only one amazing European business school, but two.  These next nine months of my life will be spent stumbling around Belgium and France, acting like I’m a student.

If you must know more things about me, my ultimate goal in life is to travel and not have to pay for it or to get paid to travel.  “But Kar, travel isn’t fun when it’s work.”.  Alright grandpa go back to bed.  I do not care.

A man by the name of James Foley once spoke in my first International Business class.  He explained that not everyone is cut out for international travel, and that’s a valid point.  Those who are, however, will always have this inner desire for something new/better than what they have in front of them.  I mean, much love for Ohio, but I always desire to find something new.  I’ll show you which things, I find and treasure the most.

Disclaimer:  I probably don’t own all of the picture I put up on here, I’ll tell you which ones are mine.  I’m also not a writer, bear with my grammar.