Perdue en France

Story of my life, right?  Okay I’m extremely far behind on these blog posts.  I just have not had enough time to formulate the words necessary to paint the perfect picture of my first month in France (she says as she habitually spends entire Sundays in bed binging on Modern Family).

Life here in France has been magnifique to say the least.  I wish I could map out some direct comparisons between my life in Belgium and my life here in France.  There are so many similarities between Belgian and French culture, and a bazillion differences.  Once I arrived in France, I was the stupid American who assumed that every European country was similar in more ways than not.  Big mistake.  After a few stupid mistakes, I realized that I have to re-wire my mind of most things I learned while living in Belgium before I can tackle everyday life here in Nantes.

I mean, not every student has a second chance at a once in a lifetime experience.

Here’s a quick snap shot of my French life:

  • I’m living solo in a super cute but bland studio that’s close to school but far from literally everything else.  You know me, I’m just that studious.
  • I’m taking five-ish classes here, most of the classes are HR/Management focused so I’ll be good to go for my internship this summer and my remaining HR classes back in BG.
  • I take the tram, everywhere.
  • I don’t eat fries and waffles daily (now I eat bread and cheese, duh).
  • My french is getting better but not spectacular, so I can read signs, order food, understand announcements on trains, etc.  But honestly, one of the most annoying things ever is listening to people talk around you and being able to understand 50%-60% but not everything.  It’s frustrating but I’m getting better on my listening and speaking skills.
  • I hang out with A LOT  Americans/Canadians.
  • I have friends from all over the world.

I really am enjoying french life.  I forgot about my love/hate relationship with french culture.  I absolutely adore the fashion, the amazing food, the incredible architecture.  What I don’t love as much is the lackadaisical attitude when it comes to appointments, deadline, and rules.  Granted, I’m a pretty chill, go with the flow person, but I do not function well in a society that’s even more chill.  I’d say that living here in Nantes has shown me the exact point between laziness and procrastination and literally being a bum.  That being said, I really do appreciate this chillax french culture, especially when the latest tram from the city centre is always late on my nights out!

I’ll try to make the blog entertaining and short but I just want everyone to know that this blog is a huge condensed version of what I’ve really been up to this past month.

In short, I attend Audencia Business School and to put it in US terms, it’s a school of Master’s Programs for students who already received their Bachelors; called a Grande Ecole.  Fancy right?  The majority of my classes are Human Resources based but there is a lot of overlap.  I mean, I’m on exchange, school isn’t exactly my first priority here but I enjoy being in classes with students my age or older (’twas not the case at Artevelde).

I’ve gone on a few day trips to random french cities al very similar to Nantes, but anything to get out of my tiny room sounds like a good plan to me.

Day/Weekend Trips:

  • Angers (45 minutes from Nantes)
  • Bordeaux
  • Mont St. Michel
  • Rennes
  • La Rochelle
  • LONDON (next blog)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really liked traveling to random French cities for a day from time to time.  Besides large cities like Paris, a lot of the smaller cities I’ve visited are extremely similar.  That’s just an assumption, I probably didn’t explore them well enough.

My life here in Nantes is very repetitive, I have found my fave coffee places, juice bars, bagel joints, and Indian restaurants, all the necessities right?  Between classes, Monday night Pints, weekend getaways, and random (rare) workouts, I barely have time to even think about blogging.  I’m amazed by how quickly my days go by here.

This past weekend, a few friends and I crossed a small pond and killed it in London.  I promise that blog will be more interesting!

Gros Bisous,

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