True Life: I Hate Goodbyes.

So, tomorrow is the day everyone!  I am unbelievably excited but also pretty bummed about leaving my family and friends and my cushy Ohio lifestyle.  One of the hardest parts of this whole process is the “Goodbye” part.  I literally despise goodbyes to the point where I find them useless.  What?

Up until this point in my life I have always skirted around the “Goodbye” parts.  Hey, if I pretend it doesn’t happen, we can all just move on with our lives, right?  I’m moving across the world whether there’s some big hoorah about it.  This time is different, however.  I’ve realized that I need to show the ones I love and care about that I love and care about them by displaying the emotions humans call “I’ll miss you” or “I wish you were here”.  Of course, I know that I’ll miss them, and I know that I’m going to think about my friends and family everyday.  But will they?  Apparently that is why “Goodbyes” are so important.  I’ve really come to terms with these facts recently, and I’ve put in extra time in saying my goodbyes.

One of my favorite lessons from French class is learning how to say “I miss you”

“Tu me manques” en francais.

This phrases uses something called a reflexive verb.  Quick French grammar lesson: when using reflexive verbs the pronoun in the sentence (me) changes to reflect the subject of the sentence (tu).  So now that you’re confused, basically when french people say “I miss you” they are literally saying in English “You are missing from me” because of the fancy way reflexive verbs screw up grammar.

And holy crap is that relevant as hell right now.  One could take that phrase one of two ways in my situation.  1) I am very much missing everyone who was, up until recently, a huge part of my life in physical form.  Now they’re just little squares on my FaceTime screens.  That would mean that you are being missed from me. 2) My life is quite dark and dreary without you in it everyday.   That would mean that you are literally missing from me, like a literally piece of me is missing and it’s probably you.

Wow, that’s sad Kar.  I know.  Goodbyes are sad.  On the bright side my parents have raised me to be a very strong and independent person who hopefully will not externally miss all the things she is leaving behind, fingers crossed.

Right now, I am sitting at an Airbnb in Toronto, CA.  My fave city in all of North America.  Tomorrow, I fly out.  My roommate in Ghent arrived yesterday and she’s been sending me pictures of our living space as well as describing what she’s been up to.  I already have a FOMO for a place that I haven’t even experienced.  I am so excited.

Not sure, when my next post will be but it will most likely be about how I screwed up my flight from Toronto to Paris.  My train ride from Paris to Brussels.  Or my bus ride from Brussels to Ghent.  Something bad is bound to happen.

Gros Bisous,

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