I’d Like to Thank the Academy

Actually, this post is a very large compilation of all the people behind this huge operation of getting me over to Europe.  Lord knows it was not easy.  It was definitely not a one-woman-show.  These are the people I could not live or breathe without; the people I would like to thank.


  1. My Parental Units – First of all, I give plenty of props to my parents for dealing with me on a regular basis, but they deserve a special type of Nobel Peace Prize for having to put up with me during all of the stress of getting my life together during the preparation of studying abroad.  I think I’m a pleasant person 23% of the time.  When everything hit the fan in NYC with my visa they were the ones who picked up my frantic phone calls and emailed me special documents (definitely wasn’t a pleasant person in New York).  They deal with my piles and piles of possession spewed around our house.  I have a “Karley College” pile and a “Karley Belgium”pile and then a “What the heck am I going to do with all of these shoes?!?” pile.  They deal with my random freak outs; sometimes I’m super happy that I’m moving across the world, sometimes I’m not.  Depends on the day.  Aside from the fact that they are my mental, emotional, and familial support, I also know that I won’t be broke and homeless in Europe because of them.  I am extremely grateful that my parents are not only 1) giving me this amazing opportunity and supporting me throughout, but also 2) encouraging me to maybe splurge on things that I wouldn’t normally do here in the states (Paris for NYE anyone?).  Tom and Deb are the best things to ever happen to me.
  2. My Grandparents – These two gems, let me tell you.  If I ever want to just vent aimlessly about what I’ll be doing/where I’ll be going in Europe, I know who to call.  Grandma and Grandpa have continuously been the most excited guests at this party up to date.  One night, Grandpa brought out his encyclopedia and taught me everything I will ever need to know ever about the history of Belgium.  So good to go there.  I cannot show enough appreciation for these two for being a huge part of my support system.
  3. My Uncle Craig – Not only do I strive to be as successful and fabulous as this man one day but hopefully I can be as spontaneous and as giving as he.  Craig is bomb simply because he gave me a bunch of pre-packaged Chinese travel goods like toothpaste and toothbrushes.  How cool is that?  He is also the supplier of my fancy smancy carry-on suitcase from TUMI.  I love my uncle because when I get overwhelmed with important purchases he usually just has “his people” go out and get the right thing for me.  He pulled the same trick with half of my professional wardrobe and my computer.  What a guy.
  4. My Friends – I don’t want to name specific names because that gets messy.  If you read this and you know that I’ll miss you then yes, I’ll miss you!  Thank you to the friends from BG who let me crash at their house during opening weekend.  We had a lovely time, and I’m going to miss being trashcans with you guys very much. Can’t wait to see you spring break!  Thank you to my frat friends who I had a blast with at Ohio State, I will miss you only on Thursday nights.  Thank you to my friends back home for making Harrison suck a little less than normal.  I’ll miss you.  Thank you to my line for giving me all the support in the world to make good (or bad) decisions while I’m abroad.  Thank you to my friends at the cinema for listening to my endless rants while on shift and promising you’ll visit.  Ultimately, thank you so so much to everyone who has made this past summer and the awkward month of August super fun for me! Thank you for favoriting my tweets and liking my insta posts, also.  You guys are good friends. My friends are one of a kind and if I could bring them to Europe with me, I would have to apologize to the EU in advance.

  5. The College of Business at Bowling Green State University – Thank you CBA at BGSU for giving me this outstanding opportunity.  Thank you (certain administrators) for answering all of my crazy questions no matter how crazy.  I hope to be a model representative of the college and the University as a whole.
  6. Donors for my Travel Scholarships – My trip is being funded primarily on scholarship/grant money.  I’m extremely blessed to receive the funding that I did.  I will keep these super heroes anonymous, however, if they ever happen to read this blog I would just like it to be known that I cannot thank them enough.  All three of them.  You guys rock, and I will eat Belgian waffles covered in Nutella in your name.

I apologize for this super boring post, next week is when the fun begins.  Be prepared for pictures of a frantic Karley running around the house with nothing packed the day before she leaves.  Fingers crossed that won’t happen.

The countdown is literally ten days people, can I get a hallelujah?  Game plan for this next week and a half is to stay sane while packing up my life.  I have plans with my Grandma on Thursday for a “goodbye lunch” (awwww) and my hip Uncle Craig is visiting Thursday through Sunday.  I’ve begun to prepare for my French Visa which I will hopefully be applying for at the French Consulate, in Brussels.

Next post will be the night before I leave, OMG!

Gros Bisous,

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