First Time for Everything, right?

Bonjour and Hallo to all of my followers from various social media platforms!

If you have found yourself reading this blog then I suppose you are interested in my journey across the world for an entire two semesters.  Nine whole months in a different continent, nine whole months in two different countries, nine whole months not speaking the native language. Girl, what on earth are you going to do?  I mean, I don’t know?  Have the time of my life?  That’s what.  First of all, nine months is only 3/80th of my time here on earth so if we think about it for a second, I should be spending more time over there.

Wow, Karley.  What a sarcastic and semi-ungrateful introduction you have up there.  But honestly think about it.  I have the amazing opportunity to experience two cultures vastly different than the one I am oh so familiar with for such a long time.  I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I cannot express how truly blessed I feel to be able to participate in an affiliate Study Abroad program through the College of Business at Bowling Green State University.


Here’s a bit about me:  My name is Karley Jones, I’m a rising junior studying International Business and Human Resources and what I’m really interested in getting out of your company is… oh sorry I’m so used to spewing out my elevator speech left and right.  What I don’t often tell people is that I speak French sometimes, I love yoga, and I eat way too many carbs for a twenty-year-old female.  I also have been given the privilege by Bowling Green State University to be one of the first business students to attend Artevelde University College Ghent in Ghent, Belgium and also skip on over to Audencia School of Management in Nantes, France (fingers crossed).

So who’s excited?! I know I am.

To say the least, my summer has been quite interesting.  Aside from the fact that I was interning full time and also taking two summer classes, I was preparing to study abroad at a school that no one else has ever studied at before, in a country that no one else has ever visited.  From my school at least.   I could have been resourceful and reached out to my fellow world travelers, but I’m stubborn.  Things got a little bit stressful at times, so stressful that I might start a blog titled “How NOT to study abroad in Belgium”.  The Visa process is literally that stressful, folks.  I think I see the light, however.  Seventeen days everyone.

I was planning on staying respectively unplugged during my time in Europe until I was asked to contribute a blog about my amazing experiences abroad from the CBA at BGSU.  So I will try and keep this thing up and running on a bi-weekly basis unless I forget, I’m such a bad millennial.  I’ll let you know who is who and where is where.  I’ll let you know where I bought that fantastic-looking Belgian waffle.  Hopefully some part of my blog inspires at least one reader to take a journey of their own one day, because even though I have yet to embark on mine, I can tell you it will be 100% worth it no matter where and no  matter how long.

As a matter of fact, my journey actually began last Monday, August 22nd, 2016 in New York City (Manhattan), New York where I attempted to obtain my Student Visa for Belgium.  So read on fellow global citizens.

Gros Bisous (look it up),

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